2012 Cairns Eclipse

Welcome to the Solar Eclipse 2012 site. This website is currently the hub of information and planning relating to the 2012 Eclipse Festival in Cairns.  Information on Solar FX will also be posted here each year, as we warm up the eclipse date! 13-11-2012

Feel free to take a look around and to register with the site. This site has been created as an information portal and forum for all to contribute on a shared knowledge platform.

Information about the Cairns Eclipse Festival

Whilst we are still some four years away, preparations are well under way for this festival.
A number of promoters have expressed interest in facilitating this event, and we trust that this festival will eventuate as a collaboration of all participants. As and when details come to hand we will keep you posted.
This festival has the potential to be a grand coming-together of crews and individuals from all around Australia and the world.  We encourage anyone interested to join the site, get on the forums and get involved! The format is open, feel free to submit a proposal and stimulate action on your ideas.

Surrounding Events

The trajectory of the eclipse will cross Far North Queensland, the Gulf of Carpentaria and then through The Northern Teritory. This is a great opportunity to promote events happening in and around the Cairns region.

The summer of 2012 will kick off in Cairns and follow through with a series of amazing festivals down the east coast. More details to come 🙂 For now, check out info on the 2008-2009 season of festivus in australis..

Getting Involved

Currently this website is the hub for planning and communication about the 2012 Cairns Eclipse Festival.  There is no fixed shape or form yet and individuals and crews are welcome to stand up and become involved.
To get involved, the first step is to register with the site. This will give you access to basic forums and communication tools.  If you wish to be involved in this event at any level, you can apply for specific roles at the time of registration – such as event contributor, crew etc.  Please be sure to give us some background information regarding you and your proposed involvement at the time of registration.
If/when approved for these roles, you will be able to view and participate in forums related to your specific role. You will also be able to submit proposals to the management team for consideration.
We welcome proposals from artists, musicians, performers, production and decor crews, aswell as anyone who might have some ideas on how to make this event as spectacular, safe and sustainable as possible!


We acknowledge the Australian Aborignal people as the first culture of Australia and the custodians of this land.

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