A testament to the superiority of deep learning in the cybersecurity warfare

Over the past few years, we have seen various ways of spreading malicious code, one main infrastructure of spreading malware being the dark web.

Lately, there has been a highly complicated botnet (number of internet-connected devices, where the owner can control them using command and control servers), which was detected and prevented by Deep Instinct’s deep learning cybersecurity solution.

Dubbed “Mylobot”, this new highly sophisticated botnet presents three different layers of evasion techniques, including usage of command and control servers to download the final payload. The combination and complexity of these techniques have never been seen in the wild before.

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Learn to Install Livenettv APK Depoe Bay Training

In the Android world, there are many numbers of applications of various categories and games are developing. Each day we can see information about the new app, now it is livenettv apk. If we take an example of the entertainment platform, there is a huge change compared to previous years.

Livenettv APK

People who are searching for one of the best live streaming Android applications, then livenettv apk is the perfect choice for you. This app enables the users to stream various movies, channels, documentaries, sports, entertainment, news, live matches and much more totally for free. It supports various devices

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