Use these 3 Ways to Watch Movies on Your Mac

The first generations of the Mac seem not to support movies conveniently, but as time passed, things are getting changes. You can now watch movies excellently on the Mac. Take these 3 ways which are the best tips to watch movies on your Mac.

  1.   via the iTunes store

Mac is solely owned and developed by Apple, so also is the iTunes store that is why the iTunes will always be Mac friendly. The iTunes store offers thousand of movies for rental or purchase. iTunes movies can be played on Mac, Apple TV, iPod, Windows PC and iPhone. You can play or transfer the movie on any computer authorized with the iTunes ID used to rent or purchase the movie. The iTunes store has both HD and standard definition movies which are basically 720 (120 by 720) format.

2. Amazon Video on Demand

Though not completely suitable but the Amazon video on Demand is not actively hostile to the Mac. You can stream video using a web browser, so it looks great. Other players that enables this service includes the TiVo, Roku, Panasonic TVs, compatible Sony Bravia devices, also the Samsung HDTVs and Viera Cast. To be truthful, the Amazon Video on Demand is not really ideal for Mac users; nevertheless, it gives you some advantages over the iTunes store.

3. The Netflix

You can stream movie through the Netflix watch instantly feature. With the Netflix plan beginning at $9 (one DVD at a time), you have access to over 20, 000 movies and TV episodes. Much of these movies are old and ancient, though Netflix is now trying to bring in better materials. The Netflix movies can be stream via a web browser on the Mac. You cannot compare the display quality of Netflix with that of iTunes store and Amazon video on Demand. Its video quality differs with different resolution. Faster internet connection will give you better picture quality.

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